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What Are Moles?

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A mole is the medical term for benign growth of a cluster of skin cells and is an exceedingly common condition. At WC Ong Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, we remove moles and take special care to ensure good healing and scar formation.

Moles appear as small skin growths and are the most common type of skin lumps. Moles are a collection or cluster of skin cells. They are also known as naevi (naevus).

They can appear on any part of the skin, including the scalp. Most people have many moles on their skin. They are most often darker than the surrounding skin because they contain pigmented cells.

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What Causes The Mole To Appear?

Moles can appear during childhood or during adolescence. They usually grow slowly grow in size or number over years. They can also become darker in colour, become raised, or have a change in texture.

Sometimes, hormonal changes in the body eg. pregnancy, can increase the size of or change the colour of moles. During pregnancy, oestrogen stimulation and higher levels of melanocyte stimulating hormone can make mores darker in colour.

Another common reason for the development of moles is the adverse effects of ultraviolet rays. The sun stimulates melanin synthesis in melanocytes in the base layer of the skin. An increase in pigment concentration in the body leads to nevi formation (the medical term for moles).

When Do You Need To Be Concerned About The Mole?

Not all types of moles are dangerous. Some moles may turn cancerous. Usually, dysplastic naevus is more likely to undergo malignant change than normal naevus.

These moles may exhibit features that make them appear more atypical eg. larger in size, irregular shape, different shades of colour in one mole. It may not always be possible to determine if a mole is suspicious.

Excision may be required for the histological tests.  A proper excision will ensure the lump is fully excised and analyzed. 

You should seek medical attention if you notice the following in your moles:

  • Asymmetry in the appearance
  • Change in border or edges of the mole
  • Change in colour
  • Change in size
  • Change in appearance

Can Moles Be Prevented?

Moles appear more particularly on areas of the body exposed to the sun, such as the arms, legs, and back in men. People with fair skin should use sun protection when out in the sun.

How To Remove Moles?

Moles can be removed by either laser or excision. Both methods involve a period of about a week for wound healing.

Mole Removal By Surgical Excision

The surgical method is advised when the mole is too large to be treated using laser, or if there is any clinical suspicion of malignant transformation. The mole is excised and then sent for histological assessment.

This procedure can be carried out under local anaesthesia as a day surgery procedure. This procedure involves making a small cut in the skin to completely remove the entire lump. A topical anaesthetic cream is first applied to minimize the pain from injection of local anaesthesia. You will not feel any pain during the surgery though gross touch can still be felt. The lump will be excised and sent for histological analysis.

Depending on your needs, and where the lump is taken out from, you can even return to work on the same day. There is minimal downtime involved except to allow the wound to heal.

Mole Removal By Laser

Removal of a mole by laser is a painless treatment. This can be done under local anaesthesia. The wound heals with a scab that may fall off in a few days. The scar fades over the following months. This method can be done for smaller-sized moles. 

Mole removal in Singapore by surgery or laser

Commonly Asked Questions About Mole Excision

Moles that are entirely removed do not usually recur. However, removal by laser may not completely remove all the pigment cells and recurrence of the mole may be possible.

All surgeries for removing the mole will leave a small spot, which usually fades over a period of time. The appearance of the scar also depends on individual skin.  We use special surgical techniques to ensure that scarring is minimal.

Our surgeon will advise on the ideal method for removal after consultation and clinical assessment. This may depend on size of the mole, characteristic of the mole, need to send for histological testing, as well as personal preference.

Mole removal operations are done under a local anaesthetic, which means you should be able to eat and drink any time before the procedure. Also, keep an updated list of any medications you are under.

Usually, we advise that you avoid excessive sun exposure and strenuous sporting activities for one week to allow your wound to heal.

Mole removal is considered a minor procedure that does not usually affect your daily living.

You may experience mild pain immediately after the procedure. Swelling the in area treated usually takes a few days to subside.

It usually takes 1-2 weeks for the wound to heal. During this period, it is crucial to take care of the area to ensure proper wound healing to minimize infection and scarring.

We will give you appropriate aftercare advice at the end of the procedure. Depending on the procedure, you may need to clean your wound or keep it dry and covered. We may advise applying an antibiotic ointment for wound protection.

You should avoid these things during recovery:

  • Shaving near or at the site
  • Use of strong skin cleansers, and irritants
  • Excessive sun exposure
  • Swimming

Our clinic will be able to assist you with direct insurance e-filing and Medisave claims if the excision of your skin lump is done for medical reasons.

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