Gynaecomastia Surgery

Gynaecomastia Overview

Gynaecomastia refers to the enlargement of men’s breast. This is often caused by an increase in the glandular tissue in the breast. It can affect one breast or both breasts.

There are many possible causes of gynaecomastia, the commonest of which is often attributed to an imbalance of hormones commonly seen in puberty. Less commonly, gynaecomastia can also be caused by medications, or hormone producing tumours. Sometimes, glandular tissue as well as fatty tissues remain in the breast after significant weight loss, causing the breasts to appear enlarged and prominent.

Gynaecomastia may present with enlargement, swollen breast tissue, a lump, pain, or even nipple discharge. Most times, it appears as prominent breasts, which may show through a T shirt or a tight fitting top. This prominence cannot be reduced with exercise, weight loss. Surgery may then be required. It is important that you see a doctor for proper evaluation of the cause of the enlargement and get the correct treatment.

Surgery For Gynaecomastia

Surgery can be performed to remove the excess breast tissue and surrounding fat. It is often the only treatment that can effectively correct the problem.

A small incision is made around the areolar to remove the breast tissue lying just under and around the areolar. Fatty tissue around the enlarged breast tissue is then removed via liposuction.

Male Breast Reduction Gynaecomastia Surgery

This is performed as a day surgery procedure under general anaesthesia. You will be able to return home on the same day and return to work within a week.

Strenuous exercise should be avoided for about 3 weeks after surgery to allow the wounds to heal. Post-operative surgical garments are required to allow the skin to settle nicely and form a new chest contour.

As a plastic surgeon, Dr Ong not only carries out the demanding technical requirements of breast surgery well, she can also relate to her patients, providing them with the comprehensive care and support that they need.

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