Skin Surgical, Burns & Scar Revision

Surgical Options for Skin

  • Skin cancer excision and reconstruction
  • Burns
  • Scar revision

Excision of Skin Lumps

Skin lumps are areas of abnormal raised skin or swelling under the skin. Some lumps can be hard, some soft. Some are adhered to the skin, or even in the skin, while others may be moveable under the skin. A skin lump that is increasing in size, causes pain, or has a change in appearance, will need medical assessment. You may want to consider a biopsy or removal.


Skin cysts/epidermal cysts are common causes of skin lumps. A skin cyst or epidermal cyst is a collection of keratinous material within a capsule, that is found in hair bearing skin. The face ears, back and chest are common areas where epidermal cysts can occur, though they can actually appear anywhere on the body. These cysts or lumps are not cancerous. However, they can become problematic when they enlarge rapidly, or become infected. Read more about cyst removal.


A lipoma is a lump that can be felt under the skin. It is made up of a lump of fatty growth. It can appear anywhere in the body and is usually non-cancerous. Removal of this fatty growth is not always necessary. However, it may sometimes grow in an inconvenient part of your body, cause discomfort, or grow in size. You may then want to consider lipoma removal and a histological test of the lump.


Moles appear as small skin growths and are most often darker than the surrounding skin. Moles may change in appearance over time. They can increase in size, become darker in pigmentation, or have a change in texture. Some moles can turn cancerous. Others may even be skin cancer that appears like a mole. If your mole shows a change in character, or if you have a new pigmented growth, you may want to consider medical assessment and consult doctor on mole removal

Warts and Skin Tags

Warts and skin tags are small bumps of skin that can occur in areas which cause irritation or inconvenience. For example, warts or skin tags can appear on the neck, which can get caught in clothing or cause embarrassment if numerous and unsightly.

Surgical Excision

Surgical excision of small skin lumps can be carried out under local anaesthesia as a day surgery procedure. This procedure involves making a small cut in the skin to completely remove the entire lump. Depending on what the lump is, a small sliver of skin may need to be removed together with the lump to ensure complete removal.

A topical anaesthetic cream can first be applied to minimize the pain from injection of local anaesthesia. You will not feel any pain during the surgery. Depending on your needs, and where the lump is taken out from, you can even return to work on the same day. There is minimal downtime involved except to allow the wound to heal.

Our clinic will be able to assist you with direct insurance e-filing and medisave claims if the excision of your skin lump is done for medical reasons.

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