Reconstructive Surgery

Breast Reconstruction

Breast cancer and the surgical treatment can be devastating for many women. Breast reconstruction is now increasingly performed for women who need mastectomy.

This is due to heightened patient awareness as well as increased surgical expertise and available options. With improvements in breast cancer treatment, women can go often return to their previous active lifestyles, and lead long and fulfilling lives.

Breast reconstruction not only restores a physical breast mound for the woman, it also facilitates the healing process by helping the woman regain body image and self-confidence.

Women who undergo reconstruction tend to accept the new “breast” as an integrated part of their body. They feel more “whole”, have better self-esteem and better quality of life.

As a female plastic surgeon with a sub-specialty training in breast reconstruction, Dr Ong not only carries out the demanding technical requirements of breast reconstructive surgery well, she can relate to her female patients, giving comprehensive care and support her patients need.

Facial Nerve Palsy Reconstruction

The facial nerve is the nerve responsible for our facial expressions. There are branches distributed across the face and neck. Together, they are also responsible for basic facial functions such as eye closure, speech, drinking and chewing.

Facial nerve paralysis makes it difficult for a person to perform these basic functions. Importantly, there is loss of facial expression and facial symmetry.

Through specialized operations, Dr Ong is able to help patients regain confidence by restoring facial symmetry and improve on these basic facial functions through personalized treatments.

Surgical Options for Facial Paralysis

  • Eyelid and eyebrow
    • Eyelid surgery to assist in eyelid closure
    • Lower eyelid tightening procedure
    • Brow lift
  • Face and smile
    • Facial slings / muscle transfers for recreation of smile
    • Face lift procedures
    • Recreation of smile line on face
  • Lower face
    • Lip surgery
  • Others
    • Nerve transfers
    • Non-surgical adjuncts and touch up procedures

Dr. Ong is a fully accredited female Plastic Surgeon in Singapore. She currently practices at WC Ong Plastic Reconstructive Surgery at Gleneagles Medical Centre, serving patients in all Parkway hospitals and Mount Alvernia Hospital. With over a decade of plastic surgery experience, she will take time to understand your goals and determine a personalized plan to help you create natural and long-lasting beauty

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